Weather Text Messages to Promote Your Business

Over 90 percent of all adults across the world have mobile phones. Almost everyone spends part of the day checking the weather. Combine the two and you have a great way to promote your business.

There are several ways that weather and mobile phones can be combined. The first way is to offer your customers a mobile web site where they can easily check the weather forecast. This site can contain information about your site. By making it easy for customers to check the weather, in a specific location, it is easy to connect with viewers within a specific geographic area. As viewers check the weather, you can then collect information for other purposes. It is a great way to build a list.

The second way that weather and mobile phones can be combined is to have a contest. People love to play games. Host a game that asks contestants to guess the first time the weather will go over 100 degrees or the date and time of the first freeze. People love to talk about the weather and may share this link with their friends, making your site popular.

Another popular contest idea is to allow users to upload weather photos. Many people love to take photos of weather phenomena, Capitalize on this by allowing users to upload their photos. Then host a voting contest to choose their favorite photo. Be specific about the time period that the contest will run and be specific about the rules of the contest. Give the winner a prize connected with your company to promote good will within your community.

Another popular idea to promote your business using the weather is to offer weather maps. As people travel, they will see what weather lies ahead of them and can take needed precautions. They can also see what highways are closed because of weather conditions when the site is kept up to date with an emergency mobile service. This shows that your company truly cares about the customer. They will remember the company name and the next time they are in need of your product, they will be your next customer.

Weather is a popular topic of discussion. Make sure and use social network sites to promote your contests. Capitalize on it now to promote your business, offer useful content and build your list.