Text Message Ideas for Your Business

Marketing your business can be very time consuming. One great way to do that marketing is on their cell phones. After all, 82 percent of adults own a cell phone, and 95 percent of those people can get text messages. The third piece of great news is that over 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes.

If you own a coffee shop then consider sending messages when your customers are looking for coffee. If your shop caters to the older crowd, send them a message in the morning to remind them to stop by and have a cup of coffee with you. If, on the other hand, your company caters to a younger crowd, then send out the text message in the evening when these customers are looking for a place to hang out. With the new GPS technology, it is easy to send a message just as the customer passes your door.

If you own a beauty salon or nail salon, then it is easy to fill open appointments by sending out messages when openings suddenly appear. If your salon has a slow day, it is easy to send a message to your customers encouraging them to come on in for a quick appointment. These customers often respond well to coupons. The most popular mobile coupon is the buy one get one free coupon. This can easily be applied to products that your salon sells.

If you own a landscaping business, then use texting to remind customers of your arrival time. That way, they can be prepared for your visit. These customers also respond well to quick pieces of important information that will help them take better care of their lawn. If a customer has not used your business for a while, then a text message may be the perfect tool to remind them to get their next appointment. Since text messaging can easily be a two way street, then it is easy to determine if there is a problem and get it corrected.

Dentists and doctors can easily use text messages to remind customers of their appointments. Text message emails are also a great way to keep customers updated on the latest information that may impact their health. It is even possible with texting for the doctor or dentist to build in a reminder to the user’s cell phone a half hour before the appointment.

Pet groomers can use texting to keep their appointment book full. It is also easy to send text message appointment reminders and to send text messages when you are done with a particular animal.

Restaurants can use text messaging in many ways. It is easy to include a message offering a discount or a special on the menu. Restaurants can use GPS coupons to bring in customers when they are passing your location. Restaurants can offer a QR code which allows users to see the restaurant's menu free, online.

It is easy to use texting for your business. The message must be relevant for your customers. When working with a professional marketer the message will get through to the customers quickly and powerfully. What are you waiting for?