Mobile Phone Marketing With Social Networks

Do you love to visit with your friends on your mobile phone? Do you often check your Facebook and Twitter accounts? Google has found that 91 percent of mobile phone users socialize on their phones. While only 73 percent socialize on a desktop computer. Therefore, it is important that businesses learn to advertise with mobile phones in social ways.

The first way to promote your business in a social setting is to tweet an authoritative article. It can be one that you have written or one that you have found particularly useful. This has at least two advantages. The first is that the company’s name is before the public. The more the company name is seen, the more it will be remembered. Secondly, it helps to establish your credibility. Customers like to do business with people that they feel are experts.

The second way to promote your business is a social setting is to post consistently. When the company post on a regular basis, it is easy to create backlinks. This increases your ranking with major search engines, including Google. Particularly, when using mobile phones, people tend to click on the first one or two results.

When the company posts consistently, their network is constantly being expanded. Most successful companies have at least 731 contacts on their list. Make sure that you are constantly working to expand your list. When you post content that consumers find useful, it will occur naturally.

Make sure that you use analytics to analyze your site. Furthermore, make sure that you are listening as well as commenting. Often, your customers have the best ideas. They will also tell you what they do not like about your product. Listen to what they are saying about your competitor’s products too.

When your company is active in social networks by providing meaningful comments, customers will respect you. Then they will want to do business with your company. This will increase your return on investment. Time spent wisely on social networks is time well spent.