How to Choose an SMS Campaign

SMS is growing by leaps and bounds. So are the companies that are producing these messages. To get the most for their money, business people need to consider who the right company for them is carefully.

The first step in finding a SMS service is to do some research on what companies are available. Make a list of the ones that interest you the most. Look for a company who has produced messages that have enticed you to use a company. Look for a company that has user friendly tools. Furthermore, look for a company that offers great customer service. Ask the company who exactly will be working on your messages. Find out if they understand your industry and have produced material in the industry before. After narrowing down your list to two or three choices, then look at the budget. The cheapest company is not always the best.

After you have chosen the right SMS service for your company, then decide on what the goal for the campaign is. Each campaign should have its own goal that can be stated in a minimum amount of words. Furthermore, decide who the target audience for the campaign is. Each campaign should have its own targeted audience. These two decisions will drive everything else you do in your SMS campaign.

The third step is to decide on what type of campaign you want to use. The most popular is the mobile coupon. These coupons are redeemed much more than traditional coupons. The most popular coupon with consumers is the buy one get one free coupon. Other choices include sweepstakes entries, rebates, multiple purchase discounts, cents off or percentage off. The bigger the deal the more encouraged your customers will be to use the coupon.

The fourth step in designing your SMS campaign is to decide how you will promote your campaign. The easiest way to promote your campaign is with an already built list. Therefore, it is important to always be working to build this list. Other ways to promote your campaign include a sign at the door to your business, on your company’s traditional website and in radio and television ads.

The fifth step in designing your SMS campaign is to realize that one advertisement is never enough. Keep going!