QR Codes Must Be Smart for Best Results

Many business people wonder what questions to ask when designing a new campaign or when working with an expert to have their new QR campaign designed. This problem can easily be solved by remembering the acronym SMART. The s stands for specific, the m stands for measurable, the a stands for attainable, the r stands for rational and the t stands for timely. By simply remembering this acronym it is easy to design a QR campaign.

All QR campaigns must be specific. Most businesses need more than one QR campaign going on simultaneously. Since they are so easy to do, it is important that they be as personalized as possible. Some choices include having different campaigns for different products, for different goals and for different outcomes. Before starting any QR campaign it is important to know the desired outcome. Make sure that you can tell in a few words what you expect to achieve with a QR campaign.

All QR campaigns must be measurable. Many QR programs include detailed analytics. It is important after deciding the specific goal of a campaign to know how you will measure its success. Possible measurable outcomes include xx number added to your database of names, xx products sold, xx profit made. When you know the desired outcome, then it is easy to know if the QR campaign is working, or if you need to tweak the campaign.

All QR campaigns must be rational. While all entrepreneurs are big dreamers, it is important to be rational about what the QR campaign can do for your business. A QR campaign should only be one tool in the toolbox of a successful company. Remember that QR campaigns work best when coupled with campaigns that do not require the person to scan the code. Furthermore, remember that no single campaign will make a company and very few campaigns will break a company.

All QR campaigns should be timely. This is where QR campaigns shine over many other campaigns. It is easy to update the mobile website that the QR code points too. This allows the code to be used for years. There is no excuse not to update the mobile website as your goals change.

By being SMART (specific, measurable, rational, and timely) the QR campaign can be a very successful tool in the business marketing toolbox. Just remember to ask yourself these questions each time you design a new campaign or update a current one. Is it specific? Is it measurable? Is it rational? Is it timely?