Use QR Codes or NFC in Marketing Campaign?

QR codes will still rule marketing campaigns for the foreseeable future, but there is room for those in the business world to use both well.

While QR codes have not caught on as quickly as many had hoped, its use continues to grow each month. As users become more familiar with the technology, they will learn to use it more often. This will make QR campaigns even more valuable. It is also very easy to give users alternative ways to get to the information if they are not comfortable using the technology. Unfortunately, the QR directive is being hijacked and the user sent to a bogus website. Look for technology to soon be available to stop this problem.

QR codes can be used to direct customers to mobile websites. They can also be used to send text to the user’s phone, record the phone number of the company doing the advertising and send short messages to the cell phone. It is very useful in connecting with users without actually having to be there. It is also open source, so there is no need to pay for the technology.

QR codes lend themselves well to both online marketing efforts and print advertisements. QR campaigns are easy for businesses to implement. It is very possible to combine many techniques to increase the ROI when using QR codes.

NFC can also be used in marketing campaigns. It is great for point of sales as signatures can be obtained using the technology. Like QR codes, it can be used to provide text, mobile websites and short messages to the user’s cell phone.

Presently, NFC campaigns are expensive to implement. Unlike QR codes, the technology is not open source. NFC can only be used in person. It is impossible currently to use the technology in print advertising. The advantage of using NFC technology is that it allows for easier two-way exchange of data. It is also more secure than QR technology.

NFC may work better in two circumstances. First, QR codes do not allow for signatures so the technology works best for point of sale and when contracts need to be signed. It also works best when there is a need to send information both ways immediately.

For the business person, the QR campaign will continue to rule the marketing world for the time being. QR campaigns are much cheaper to implement than NFC campaigns. The technology is open source, which means that the user or the business need not pay for the technology to use it. More people become familiar with the advantages of QR campaigns each day as more users try it and as more businesses offer value to the consumer using this technology.