Mobile Marketers Need To Watch These Trends

The first trend should excite those who are currently mobile marketers. The market will continue to become more crowded. For marketers this means their craft will be even more in demand. For business owners, it means they need to hire a top marketer to design a top notch campaign in the increasingly crowded field demanding consumer’s attention.

The second trend is that smartphones are becoming even more popular. In the next three years, almost half of the population in industrialized countries will have a smartphone. Therefore, marketers must plan campaigns that work well on smartphones. Business owners must find a way to engage costumers while they are on their smartphones as most users carry their phones up to 15 hours a day.

Marketers need to plan campaigns that work well on tablets. More users will be using tablets from many different companies than ever before. Business owners must watch this trend and plan campaigns that connect with these higher end users. Tablet users tend to have a more sophisticated language and are younger than traditional desktop computer users.

Campaigns must consider three factors. They must load quickly and be compelling. Users will not stay for a slow loading site. The site must be optimized with SEO that connects in a natural way with viewers who are becoming more sophisticated. Location based SEO will become more important than ever before. Marketers must understand what keywords the target audience will be searching for.

For every six minutes that a user spends on the internet, one of them is spent on a social network. More users than ever before are connecting to the internet on their mobile phones. Therefore, companies must learn to use these social networks to their advantage. Many small businesses will be very successful because they have filled a nitch and learned to use social networking very well. Marketers must learn to help their customers use this trend in new and exciting ways.

Mobile applications will continue to be important in the lives of real people. Companies do not have to develop these apps for them to be a successful marketing tool. They can simply sponsor these apps. The most popular apps will continue to be apps that allow the user to have fun or connect with their families and friends. Analytics are starting to include mobile advertising in their results, look for these analytics to include apps in the very near future.