Mobile Marketing Emails That Enhance Their Lives

Market Watch, a large marketing company, has conducted a survey on how consumers feel about receiving emails meant to market to them. In this survey, consumers by a large number said they wanted emails that could be read on their mobile devices that would enhance their lives at least once a week.

Marketers need to respond to this survey by offering consumers want they want weekly mobile emails from companies that they have opted to receive information from. Those surveyed said that they want the content to be valuable to them. They also said the most often reason that they opt out of a company’s mobile emails is when the emails become repetitive. Therefore, the copy must be kept fresh.

The copy must be grammatically correct and the spelling must be correct. Therefore, if the business owner is not an expert writer, it is often a great idea for them to hire a freelancer. When hiring a freelancer, make sure that it is someone who shares the same ideas that you do. Make sure the person has the talent to deliver the copy on time. It is usually a great idea to hire the same person to write all your ad copy.

After identifying your target audience find subject lines that will connect with them. The subject line should be no more than 45 characters long. Make sure that it engages the receiver to make sure you have the highest opening rate.

A major mistake made by many marketers using mobile emails is to use a no reply email address. The customer wants to know that you care what they have to say. Most veteran business owners will tell you that their best ideas come from their most loyal customers so make sure and tell customers how to connect with you.

Use a spam-scoring tool to avoid the email not getting read. If the email is not opened your email has done no good, so make sure that it does not end up being deleted by the user. You have less than three seconds to impress the reader, so use it wisely.

Time the release of the mobile email carefully. Determine when readers are thinking about your product anyway. For example, if you are selling outdoor equipment plan to release your email on Thursdays when your customer is starting to make plans for the weekend.

Personalize the email with your customer’s name. When a customer contacts the company be prepared with a series of questions that will help you determine what they are thinking about. Then use the most popular topics as subjects for your mobile emails. Make them content rich and your customers will look forward to receiving them.

Make sure that all your emails are in compliance with all state and federal laws in any country that you plan to send them too. For example, the country of Pakistan has released a long list of words that can not be included in text messages sent or received in that country. Merchants in the United States have to comply with laws from the Federal Trade Commission or face stiff fines. The easiest way to make sure you stay in compliance is to hire a professional and leave the worries to them.

Mobile emails are a powerful tool. Make sure to use them weekly for the largest return on investment. Make sure all content is kept fresh as repetition will make customers opt out of the program. Use short powerful subject lines that compel the user to open them. Make sure to avoid the spam folder by using the right words in the subject line. Make the emails personal and make sure they comply with all state and federal laws.