Mobile Phone Apps Make Live Better

Recently a survey was released that found that 69 percent of men surveyed would rather give up their favorite news source than give up their favorite apps. That same survey, conducted by MTV, found that 68 percent of women would rather give up their soda than give up their favorite apps. Mobile marketers need to apply this information to their marketing.

Business owners need to help consumers with apps that allow them to learn new things. In fact, over 91 percent of those surveyed said that they rely on their apps to expose them to things that they are not familiar with that might benefit them. According to Nielsen, the most popular of these apps are music apps that introduce them to groups that they may not have yet discovered. The largest user of music apps are males between the age of 18 and 35.

While listening to music is definitely fun, another 87 percent said they rely on apps to deliver fun. These apps can include game playing. When companies sponsor fun apps then the company is associated with fun. This keeps the company name before the consumer and encourages brand recognition.

Three quarters of all app users are looking to their apps to help them stay better organized. When a company buys advertising on an app that allows the user to stay better organized, they are showing that they really want to connect with their customers. Customers need to feel that the company cares about them before they are interested in doing business with the company. Remember that it is not necessary to develop your own app to connect with the customer. You can sponsor apps that are already on the market.

Almost three quarters of all app users say they use the app to stay connected with friends and families. Apps make a great way for customers to stay connected with what is new in a business. Make sure the message uses language that the user will relate to. Find ways for customers to stay connected with your business by using apps.

Make sure that the message on the app will be noticed. Make it short and to the point. Make sure it connects with your targeted audience. Help the customer know that you are truly interested in them and they will gladly buy from your company.