A QR code On Your Business Card to Increase Sales

All business people have given out many business cards. Even so, all business people wonder about the effectiveness of doing this. With the addition of a QR code to a business card, it is easy to track who is most interested in your product and provide a call to action.

When a business person gives out their name and phone number to a potential client, it is easy for the other person to get the information wrong. Instead, hand that person a business card and encourage them to scan the QR code while you are still visiting with them. This way, you know that the person has your contact information in their phone as the QR code can be set to download the information.

While the person is looking at the mobile landing page, they can learn more about the product that the company is selling. The QR code should link to a specific page for that business person, not to the home page of the company. The mobile landing page is a great place to put all the extra information the business person wishes they could immediately share with the person, but that would just clutter up a business card.

When designing the mobile landing page, it is important that the business person have the end goal in mind. These goals could include putting a specific product in a basket, or transferring your contact details to their mobile phone or even dialing your phone. This allows the business person to easily give a call to action.

When the potential customer returns to the business card later and scans the QR code, the mobile landing page can recreate the initial enthusiasm through the viewing of the mobile landing page. This will result in more sales and a greater ROI. Different business cards with different landing pages can easily be created for different circumstances. It is also easy to create a PURL campaign with the business cards. By examining the analytics of the mobile landing page, it is easy to see what marketing techniques are the most effective.

When using a QR equipped business card, the business card becomes more than a way to remember the name and the business. It becomes a tool that allows the business person to ignite a fire under the contact to answer your call to action.