4 Businesses Should Use QR Codes to Increase ROI

Businesses that benefit the most from using QR codes are travel, retail, restaurants, and real estate. When these businesses use QR codes in a well designed program, they will see a large return on investment.

The travel industry should be using QR codes to provide essential information to customers. Those in the hotel and hospitality businesses should have QR codes available that will allow users to download the phone number of the business and the address, complete with directions, quickly and easily. QR codes can also be used to promote limited time offers. They can also be placed in brochures and travel guides to give the potential customer photos of the property. It can also be used on receipts to encourage customer’s repeat business.

Retailers should be using QR codes to better inform their customers about the products that they sell. By scanning the QR code consumers can quickly be led to websites detailing the benefits of a particular product. They can also be used to show the consumer how to use the product. Retailers can also benefit from offering consumers coupons or other special offers for scanning the QR code. For retailers, it is easy to add a QR code to the receipt when customer feedback is desired or to build a database for future use.

Restaurants should be using QR codes to encourage customers to order more such as appetizers and desserts increasing the bottom line. The QR code can also be used to provide nutritional information leaving the menu for more important things. When advertising the QR code can be used to provide specials or give information about the restaurant such as location and hours. It can also be used to offer discounts for the customer based on data collected about the customer.

Real estate agents need to be using QR codes to give information to their potential buyers. First, when advertising in print the realtor can use QR codes to give updated listings and connect buyers with property details. On the for sale sign in front of the property, the realtor can give more detailed information about the property such as directions to the nearest school. The QR code can also be used to call the realtor when the potential buyer finds the right property.