Increase Your Return on Investment Easily

Your competitors are chasing after your customers. It is important to use mobile marketing to keep your competitors at bay.

Business owners know that it takes months to produce most forms of advertising. As most people are burning up in the summer heat, advertisers are putting the finishing touches on Christmas advertisements. This need not be the case when businesses choose to use mobile advertising. These campaigns can be produced in as little as 24 hours. This allows the business person to capitalize on current happenings around the world or around their communities.

The second reason that mobile advertising makes sense for businesses is that mobile advertising is easy to analyze. How many times have you wondered if your advertising is having the desired effect? With the analytical tools available in mobile marketing it is easy to determine if the advertising is working. If it is not, then it is easy to change the campaign.

The third reason that mobile advertising is effective is that you can easily target the audience. First, the customer must give their permission to receive your messages. They also have the power to stop receiving your messages anytime they want. Therefore, you are not spending advertising dollars on customers who are not interested in your product. In these tight economic times, it is important for each dollar to squeak and that happens with mobile advertising.

In order to get ahead of your competition consider these statistics on mobile advertising.

37 percent of the mobile advertising dollar is spent to keep your company name before the public. After all, you want the customer to think about your company when they want to buy your product. Building brand loyalty is an important outcome of mobile advertising.

22 percent of the mobile advertising dollar is spent in generating leads. The more people that are seeing your advertisements the more business your company is generating. For a small business, the average list needs 731 people on it to be successful. By using successful marketing techniques, it is easy to build a list. These lists can even be broken down so more targeted messages can be delivered.

Buzz about a new product or service is important. 15 percent of the mobile advertising dollar is spent on generating this buzz. Get the word out faster than your competitors who are selling the same product. Mobile advertising is also a great way to bundle services or products, convincing customers that you have the best deal for them. Strong calls to actions also make customers more likely to buy on impulse from your company.

Another 15 percent of the mobile advertising dollar is spent on brand awareness. When a consumer wants to buy a product, you want them to think of your company. Mobile advertising is great at longtail keywords, which can be delivered to customers looking for just that product. Mobile landing pages can be developed to sell just one product.

Another seven percent of the mobile advertising dollar is spent on bringing in foot traffic to brick and mortar stores. Convince the customer that you have the best deal and the best costumer service by delivering strong mobile advertising.

The last four percent of the mobile advertising dollar is spent on driving traffic to a traditional website. Business owners already know the power of a well designed website. Combine the two and you have a great edge on your competition.

Make sure you spend your advertising dollars wisely to stay ahead of your competition. It is the most easily produced form of advertising. It can be produced quickly and can be easily analyzed and targeted. Make sure to identify the goal of your campaign, and you will leave the competition in the dust.