Location Based Advertising for the Highest ROI

Location based advertising is important to a business’s return on investment. It allows the business to connect with user’s in the location of the business. It is much more effective when advertising to younger females as they are more likely to read text that includes their location. Recent research has also shown that to have the most effect businesses should have at least one message a week. They should also have at least one message every month. This produces the least amount of opt-outs.

To make the most of location based advertising, the ad must not only include the location, but also include other information that makes it relevant for the user. This information may include tying the message into other events in the community. For example, if your business sells children’s clothing and the kids will be out early on Friday, then send out a short message inviting shoppers to take advantage of the extra time to shop for new clothes for their children. Alternatively, if the local community is having a fundraiser for an organization, it is easy for the business to tie in a special with that fundraiser.

After the business has written a relevant message, then it is easy to offer a specific call to action. The call to action may be to come into the store to shop, but it may be more pointed than that. For instance, by using GPS advertising, it is now possible to offer a customer a coupon as they drive or walk past your business.

Many research studies have found that when users receive opt-in programs from local merchants, they are much more likely to opt-in. Of course, the retailer must still prove that they are an expert in the area and that the opt-in program offers value to the consumer.

At this point, the business owner needs to stop and ask themselves some questions about their campaign? The easiest way to remember the questions is to remember the acronym smart. The location based text messages should be specific, measurable, rational, and timely.

Once you have built a campaign on the smart system and have a great opt-in database, the merchant will find that their sales quickly grow. Of course, as sales grow, there is more money available to spend on local advertising. For many small businesses, it may be necessary to start out with one type of advertising. As money in the advertising fund grows, different campaigns can be added. For example, the business may start out with a local newsletter, add a local sms program and then add local print advertising. When this begins to happen, it is best to keep the same colors, font and other criteria across all campaigns. This assures the person that they are dealing with the same company.