QR codes and PURL for Highest Response Rates

Business people should be combining Quick Response code with persistent uniform resource locators to produce the highest response rates boosting both sales, brand recognition and ROI.

Quick response codes were developed in Japan by Denso Wave while he was working for a part of Toyota to track car parts in their inventory. However, the use of QR codes has far exceeded its original expectations. Now, merchants are able to connect with their customers using these QR codes. In fact, in an average month, over 14 million consumers are using QR codes worldwide to find out more information about the product they have brought or are considering buying.

These QR codes allow consumers to go to websites, download mp3 messages, and call the company. Now, businesses can use the QR codes to connect with their customers through the use of persistent uniform resource locators.

By using this combination, the business can encourage a consumer to complete a survey, which allows the business to learn about the customer. The business can then offer the consumer a highly personalized survey-response gift, for instance, a percent off coupon. The reward for the business is more information in their database so that they can send even more targeted messages in the future.

Before starting to use a QR campaign with a PURL campaign the business owner needs to be sure of three things. First, the majority of customers for the business should be using smartphones. Secondly, the business should be sure that their customers are comfortable with using quick response codes. Thirdly, the PURL must be made applicable to the user offering real benefits.

If you have determined that your business is ready to begin, then the process is simple. The first step is to determine what your desired result will be. The second step is to implement the QR in a way that consumers will actually scan it. Next, produce a PURL that offers real benefits to the consumer. Then test your code and PURL to make sure it is working properly. Finally, conduct a small test market run, before commencing on the larger campaign.