Mobile Marketing Tips You Might Have Forgotten

The first tip is to know your customer’s behaviors. Text messages work best when a customer is already thinking about your product. For instance, if you own a restaurant in a downtown location send out a text message mid-morning when the office workers are beginning to make lunch time plans.

The second tip is to be direct with your customers. Let customers know what you want them to do and tell them quickly. This works particularly well with long standing customers who have done business with your company many times. If you need to build your list, then ask your current customers who they think would love to receive your messages.

The third tip is to advertise across many platforms. Make sure that your campaigns will work both on an android phone and a smartphone. Also allow users a choice of how they want to receive the information. If you are using a QR campaign, give users the right to download the same information on a traditional website.

QR codes and NFC are great for longer messages. Direct the user to a website that is specifically set up for mobile use. The user should not have to scroll horizontally to see the entire message. This means each line must be designed under 50 characters.

It can be difficult for businesses to get the top domain names, so when this is not possible make sure to use URL shortening services. Also remember that when a smartphone user bookmarks your site, the program will only save the first 25 characters so make sure the customer can identify your site from those 25 characters. Make sure that your domain name speaks volumes about your business.

We all know how important a person’s name is so make websites personal. Include information that will connect with that customer. Other possibilities to connect include their geographical location and their occupation. The more you know about your target audience, the more connection you can build with that audience. Use language that the audience would use. For example, if you are writing copy for a cow breeder, use words that they would use such as heifer and not female cow.

Only ask customers on their mobile devices to supply you the information you really need. The less information that you request on a mobile device the more likely you are to receive that information. Then if you need more information, it can be gained later. For each piece of information that you ask a viewer to give you, make sure you can clearly state why you need that information. For example, if you do not plan to send the user anything through the mail, why do you need their physical address instead of just their town and state?

If you are marketing to a younger audience, it is acceptable to use text message lingo. If you are marketing to an older audience, then do not use text message lingo as they may not be familiar with all the newest abbreviations and not get your message clearly.

Remember that when a person searches using their mobile devices, they do so differently. The vast majority of customers will use predictive text so make sure to market to those keywords. Also more users will use speech to search using longer sentence. Make sure you account for this when choosing keywords. The third search option is search by image. Make sure you have clear pictures of your products that can be easily identified by search engines.