Coupons in Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Recently a marketing company watched 125 merchants over the course of a year. In that year the merchants, who ranged from small to national chains conducted 9,000 campaigns. They found that the most popular mobile marketing campaign is a buy one get one free coupon. They found the second popular mobile marketing campaign was a free item. The third most popular mobile marketing campaign was to offer a percent off. Marketers believe that over $6 billion in mobile coupons will be redeemed over the next year. Yet, another survey shows that about 50 percent of all mobile coupons are redeemed, compared to just two percent or less for print coupons. Their findings should lead businesses to develop mobile marketing campaigns using coupons.

The first thing that a business must do to have a successful mobile marketing campaign is to build a database of interested customers. There are several ways that this database can be built. The simplest is to simply ask your current customers for permission to contact them. If you have a brick and mortar store, you can have a business card drop box. You can also ask customers to fill out customer satisfaction surveys. Other businesses choose to buy these lists. Do not forget that this information can be filled out by the customer using near field communication, or in an email.

The second step in preparing a coupon campaign for a mobile phone is to examine the customer’s previous buying habits. This allows the business to deliver targeted coupons based on this previous behavior. When delivering these coupons make it easy for people to share these coupons with their friends. Most company’s have a customer database of 731 contacts.

It is important to remember that customers will not return to a store where they have not been treated well. Great customer service is a key in getting repeat business. Another key is to offer a great product at a reasonable cost. Many people are not looking for the cheapest price. They are looking for the best value for their money.

After building your database, then offer your customers a better deal with good buy one get one free coupons. Deliver the coupons during the week when opting out is at the lowest. Target the delivery of the coupon for when people are thinking about the product. For example, offer a dessert coupon in the middle of the afternoon. Offer a clothing coupon as people are preparing to get off work, particularly on Friday afternoons.

The third step is to offer the most loyal customers a special award. Base this award on what you know about the customer. This will encourage these customers to tell their friends about your great company and how they will be treated at your company.

Just imagine that if you offer 731 coupons and 50 percent of those people respond, that is an additional 385 sales. Now, you can take that to the bank!