10 Mobile Marketing Design Tips

Consumers respond to unique advertising techniques. Just think about the advertising that you see on television. What ads stand out in your mind? They all offer something unique that makes them memorable. This must also be true in mobile advertising as consumers are getting more mobile advertisements each day.

The first thing that a mobile advertisement must do is to have a clear goal. These goals may be to generate leads, increase company name recognition, increase brand awareness, bring in more foot traffic or drive traffic to a website. Whatever the goal, the consumer should quickly be able to identify the goal and know what you expect them to do.

The second thing that a mobile advertisement must do is be relevant. As consumers receive more advertisements, they quickly delete those that they do not find relevant. While consumers open 90 percent of these advertisements within three seconds of receiving them, they are also just as quick to delete them if they do not find the content useful.

The advertisement must be easy to understand. Consumers watch mobile advertisements on the move. They will not stop to digest the information. Make sure the subject line is no more than 45 characters long to increase opening rates. Make no line longer than 50 characters. Make sure to use white space even in short messages.

Make a strong call to action in the first 230 pixels. Do not expect your viewer to scroll down to get to the point. Make sure that the call to action requires only one finger to complete. Make sure that the call to action button is easy to find and a color that connects to those receiving the mobile advertisement.

Make sure the content stays on point. Viewers of ads on laptops or desktops may have time to sit and read a long article. Not so with mobile advertisements where each word must have the most impact that it can possibly have. Look for words that will truly connect with your targeted audience.

Last, make sure to design your ad for all phone types. Make sure that it will shrink or grow to fit every screen size. Test your advertisement on as many different phones as you can before releasing the advertisement to the public.